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Remove this Reproach will offer five basic services:

First, through the YouTube channel, the program Remove this Reproach will focus on issues tangential and germane to the issue of mass incarceration. The following is a partial list of issues which will be discussed during the first calendar year of the existence of the program:

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• Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

• Ageism and the greying of the chain gang
• Attributes: The role of faith
• Ban the box litigation 
• Boredom
• Chemical Incarceration
• Cognitive Dissonance
• Expungement
• Free labor
• Gangs/STG/Terrorism
• Gerrymandering: Urban vis-á-vis rural
• Health care in prison 
• Homelessness among formerly incarcerated
• Impotence
• Interaction of family and prison inmate
• Joblessness among formerly incarcerated
• LBGT, PREA and transgender inmates
• Marginalization, stigmatization
• Misclassification of inmates
• Office of the Public Defender
• Pepper spray and mace
• Predatory video vitiation industry 
• Presumption of innocence 
• Psychology: Maslow, reinforcement schedules, Kohlberg, successive approximations
• Racial profiling and the history of vagrancy laws
• Shower enclosures as holding cells
• Solitary confinement
• Staph, scabies & black mold
• Telephone monitoring with parole 
• The grievance process
• Trans   

• Administration's acquiescence with the gangs 

• The Allen Charge
• Attributes: The role of humility
• Banning
• Bound v. Smith
• Clinton Reforms: Crime Bill, Pell grants and the PLRA
• Environmental issues such as clean water 
• Financial struggles involved with reentry
• Functional illiteracy 
• Gentrification, homelessness and male sex work
• Grievances 
• HIV/AIDS in prison 
• Homophobia 
• Infectious diseases in prison i.e., crabs, scabies, staph, Hepatitis C
• Isolation/Segregation 
• Lawrence Kohlberg
• Life in overcrowded prisons 
• Mental health treatment
• Misdiagnosis of inmates
• Parole Board/Policies 
• Pornography as contraband
• Presidential politics
• Prison reentry
• Qualified Immunity
• Reentry of sex offenders
• School-to-Prison-Pipeline 
• Sick buildings: fungus and black mold
• Staff shortages: inmates actings as staff
• Tats 
• The evils of privatize prisons
• Toxic masculinity 
• Violence Against Gays and Old Folks in Prison

Second, Remove this Reproach incorporated through the office of the Georgia Secretary of State will work to provide services for returning citizens who find themselves homeless upon release from prison. 

Third, Remove this Reproach through the YouTube channel will periodically provide giveaways once targeted goals for subscriptions are met. These giveaways include free music, literary work, and scheduler. The music will include songs composed by Dr. Palmore such as "You Don't Know", "Got Every Single Thing That I Need", "Broken Cisterns". 

Fourth, Remove this Reproach will disseminate the work derived from the video into a self-help program for prisoners who are about to be paroled in the state and federal system.

Fifth, Remove this Reproach will be a means for the selling of works written by Dr. Edward Palmore. The author will be available for both book signings and public speaking engagements. 

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